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  • Home Security Systems
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  • Wireless Home Security
  • Wireless Security Cameras
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Home Security Systems
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  • Home Security Systems
  • Wireless Home Security Systems
  • Home Security Cameras
  • Wireless Security Camera System
  • Honeywell Thermostat & Much More!

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Tuxedo Touch & Lynx Touch

You’re in Control

Enter your home and have the temperature set perfectly for your arrival? Have the lights go up as the sun goes down? Unlock a door via your smartphone? You bet! Honeywell can help you bring your home to life with a customized solution that can work with your lifestyle and budget and grow with your changing needs. Make the most of your home by taking control.


Comfort and Convenience

Honeywell’s Z-Wave® enabled thermostats can automatically adjust every time you arm or disarm your security system. You can design customized scenes and schedules for comfort and energy savings, or control your thermostats on-the-go via your smartphone. Precise temperature control provides better comfort and fewer temperature swings. You can also create lockouts to keep temperature limited to a minimum or maximum setting—ideal in homes where children may attempt to adjust the thermostat.


Another Bright Idea

Turn select indoor and outdoor lights on or off automatically every time you arm or disarm your security system. Tell your system to turn one set of lights on 30 minutes before you get home from work and turn another off an hour after you’ve gone to bed. You can program scenes and schedules for ambiance and security, and control your lights from any remote location.


Unlock Your Home’s Potential

Did your kids forget their keys again? Have a neighbor stopping by to drop off a package? Unlock the door from the comfort of your office—right from your smartphone or PC. You can also have the doors lock and unlock automatically whenever you arm or disarm your security system, set scenes and schedules for added safety and convenience. The possibilities are endless!


Set the Scene

Creating scenes and schedules can enhance your lifestyle and help you save money and energy without any change in your daily routine. A “Goodnight” scene could entail having the doors lock and the lights shut off when you arm your security system at night. A schedule might be created to have the porch and hallway lights on and the thermostat set to a specific temperature an hour before you leave the office so you arrive to a comfortable, well-lit home.


Picture the Possibilities

You can view cameras around your home on touchscreens, televisions, tablets, smartphones or PCs. Keep an eye on your kids and pets, screen visitors at your entranceway and view activity occurring around the interior or exterior of your home whenever and wherever you want.


Your Window to Convenience

Operate the shades in your home for ambiance, privacy and security by raising and lowering them at specified times. Automated shades make it easier to access skylights and other hard-to-reach windows above sinks, counters and bathtubs or in high foyers. They’re also an ideal way to reduce glare and help protect furniture, floors, carpeting and artwork from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.

Ceiling FANS

Cool and in Control

What could be cooler than Z-Wave® enabled control of household ceiling fans? They can be automated to turn on or off when you arm and disarm your security system, programmed for specific times, work in conjunction with lighting and more!

Home Entertainment Options

Lights, Camera, Action!

Entertainment in your home can be a high quality, cinematic experience when you integrate your Honeywell system with popular home systems from vendors like Control 4®. Transform your living room into a home theater with the touch of a button. Close the drapes, dim the lights, start the movie, control the climate and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Emergency 2 way voice

With two-way voice technology provides instant communication between end-users and Protective Security Solutions central control station operators during an emergency.

Perfect for any person needing assistance with police, fire, & emergency situation. We can contact anyone needed & stay communicating with you until help arrives.

The enhanced sound quality (87 dB) is the best in the industry when compared to other two-way voice offerings and allows for clearer communication between the end-user and central station during an emergency. It also increases the area covered on the premises to ensure there are no dead spots.

Honeywell Total Connect
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Video Camera Surveillance Home Security Systems. Honeywell rated Protective Security Solutions best home security system integrator in Florida. Best home security system dealer in Florida located in Miami Dade County Florida.

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